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The #CountMeIn Campaign

#CountMeIn is JDRF’s major new campaign to win increased investment from the Government into type 1 diabetes research.

Unfortunately, the incidence of type 1 diabetes is going up and so is the cost – but UK Government spending on type 1 diabetes research is in alarming decline.

JDRF as a charity – and our wonderful supporters – are doing our bit to fund research to better cure, treat and prevent type 1 diabetes. We want the Government to do theirs.

The #CountMeIn campaign is focusing on the personal impact type 1 diabetes has on the lives of those living with the condition. Whether it’s counting carbohydrates in food, counting blood glucose levels or counting insulin to inject, people with the condition must think about their personal numbers relating to type 1 diabetes every day.

Our message to Westminster can be much louder with the voices of the thousands of people affected by type 1 diabetes in the UK behind us. Please join us in counting the cost of type 1 diabetes, and help push our #CountMeIn campaign up the Government’s agenda.

Get involved

1. Share Emma’s story and raise awareness of #CountMeIn


Please share Emma’s story about life living with type 1 diabetes on Facebook and Twitter. Use the #CountMeIn hashtag and help get our voices heard.

2. Say #CountMeIn – by sharing your own story

Share with us on social media – using the hashtag #CountMeIn – the numbers and the emotions behind your life affected by type 1 diabetes. See these great examples from our supporters below.

3. Contact your MP

Please contact your MP and ask them to press the Government to explain why its investment into type 1 diabetes research is falling. You’ll find that most MPs use social media these days, so it is worth trying to contact them on Twitter too. You can also e-mail them or send them a letter.

To help you along the way, we have prepared a template letter that you can download, edit and send to your MP.

Arranging a meeting is a great way to get their attention and this can be a great reason to try and win some local press coverage too.

Please return to this page on 5 May – when we’ll be launching our national #CountMeIn petition on the one year countdown to the 2015 General Election.