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Charity of the year title raises over £400 for JDRF

When Andy Street from Bromsgrove was chosen as Captain of the Bromsgrove Golf Centre for 2013 he picked JDRF as their charity of the year. They went on to raise over £400 to support JDRF's work to cure, treat and prevent type 1 diabetes. Andy's teenage son Harry has had type 1 for 12 years.

The Centre had a fantastic year of fundraising, holding a variety of different events including an away day at Wishaw Golf Club, while ladies captain Margaret Reynolds held a fashion day helped by Andy’s wife Carol. In November the club's other lady members held a presentation night, where those who have won awards at the club over the year are formally presented, which made the biggest contribution to their grand total. They topped up their fundraising by holding various raffles throughout the year, as well as a Captain's Bunker – a competition where landing in the course's bunker leads to cash forfeits.

Andy said: 'Our teenage son Harry, has had type 1 for 12 years. He has had a tough time due to also having asperger syndrome which has greatly complicated his care. Without the hope of improvements to monitoring and treatment which can only come from research, it would be immensely difficult to be able to motivate him enough to maintain his health. We are delighted to be able to make a small contribution to JDRF on behalf of Harry and the generous members of Bromsgrove Golf Club.'


Shadow Health Minister Jamie Reed MP in a live Google Hangout and #ourD Tweetchat - with JDRF and Our Diabetes

We are very pleased to announce that JDRF and Our Diabetes will be facilitating an online discussion with Shadow Health Minister Jamie Reed MP, who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes three years ago. We warmly invite you to join in the conversation, and would like to hear your views on the key issues facing individuals and families affected by the condition.

The Google Hangout and Tweetchat will be taking place on Tuesday 3 December between 8.00pm and 9.00pm and will be focusing on three key issues:

  •  Healthcare Professionals: GPs, specialist nurses, consultants, others - do you see the right mix of healthcare professionals at the right time to help you manage your condition? 
  • Kit: Pumps, glucose monitors, test strips, insulin pens, needles and everything else. Have you had issues getting the right kit at the right time to help manage your condition?
  • Structured Education: Dose Adjustment For Normal Eating (DAFNE) and other courses - Have you had difficulties getting on a course? Was it any good?

Jamie Reed MP said: 

Two weeks before the 2010 General Election, fatigued and distracted, I left my campaign headquarters to rest. Aged 36, I didn’t know that I had undiagnosed type 1 diabetes and was entering diabetic ketoacidosis. I just thought I was exhausted.

Neither did the GP who saw me two days later – despite a high blood-glucose reading of 14.7mmol. That same night, after vomiting for hours, and with my head feeling as though it was about to explode, my wife called a doctor who checked my urine for ketones and immediately called an ambulance.

Although the NHS ultimately saved my life, I know that the condition needs to be better understood and that people with type 1 require a much better service than the one we currently receive.

As a shadow health minister, I want to do something about this, and I want you to help me. I would like to arrange a web chat with JDRF supporters so that we can swap notes and share experiences. I hope you can take part.”

If you have a Google+ account and would like to join the hangout on your webcam (max 10 people) please contact The whole conversation will be broadcast live and anyone can watch. We look forward to seeing you there!

A simultaneous Tweetchat, using the hashtag #ourD, will allow Twitter users to add to the debate. What you need to know is clarified in the article ‘Explaining Tweetchats’.


Nine days to go! Staff from the JDRF London office are warming up for World Diabetes Day

It’s not long to go now until World Diabetes Day on 14 November. This year, JDRF is asking people to be a #TypeOnesie, wearing a onesie for the whole day to raise funds to support type 1 diabetes research.

Our staff have already been having a lot of fun getting ready for the day, by warming up their office chairs and firing up the photo-copier in their #TypeOnesie get-up!

Ben Moody (pictured), our Senior Public Affairs Manager who lives with type 1 diabetes, said: “When else will there ever be a worthwhile and legitimate reason to wear a onesie in the office? This is a great campaign and will provide an engaging way to support important research into type 1 diabetes. With fun initiatives like this, we can get even closer to finding a cure.”

“I will definitely be sporting my #TypeOnesie on 14 November and with the overwhelming positive response that we have had, I’m sure plenty others will do so too!”

Check out some more images here of both staff and JDRF-funded research scientists trying on their #TypeOnesie in preparation!

Pledge your support for World Diabetes Day 2013 by being a #TypeOnesie and getting involved too. Be it at work, school or college, raise money by donning your #TypeOnesie, and help JDRF improve lives until we find the cure. 


The Millom Mothers – the inspiration behind #TypeOnesie stems from three of our dedicated supporters in Cumbria

JDRF would like to recognise the great work of three incredible mothers- Michelle Lancaster, Kelly Brown and Angela Cummins - from Millom in Cumbria, and their part played in helping us to conceive our #TypeOnesie campaign to mark World Diabetes Day.

Mrs Lancaster’s daughter, Jessie, Ms Cummings’ daughter, Eryn-Lee and Ms Brown’s daughter, Ella, all live with type 1 diabetes. The trio decided to arrange a ‘Onesies for Type 1’ day back in June to raise funds for JDRF – during which, their children and friends  each paid £1 to come to school wearing a onesie.

World Diabetes Day takes place every year on 14 November and this year, JDRF is asking people to be a #TypeOnesie, wearing a onesie for the whole day to raise funds and awareness. 

Chris Normington, JDRF Regional Manager for the North, said: "As a charity, JDRF flourishes on the commitment and the creativity of its supporters. Michelle, Kelly and Angela's onesie-inspired fundraising event was a flash of genius. We thought it was so good that it could make a successful national campaign. Now #TypeOnesie has been launched, and a large number of people are getting involved right across the UK. 

"Michelle, Kelly, Angela and their families should be very proud of the huge impact their idea has had. We've even begun to receive interest in the campaign from as far afield as Canada, so #TypeOnesie could end up going international." 

Mrs Lancaster said: “We hope that this new campaign will highlight the important research JDRF continues to carry out to prevent, treat and one day cure type one diabetes.”

For more information on #TypeOnesie, and if you would like to get involved, then take a look at what you can do this World Diabetes Day.


New fun app helps to manage type 1 diabetes while raising funds for JDRF

An amazing app that helps people have fun while managing their type 1 diabetes ­ and raise funds for JDRF has now been downloaded by 70,000 people with the condition.

The app is ‘mySugr Companion' and its ultimate aim is to change the philosophy of type 1 management.

It is a motivating and engaging app that helps people with insulin-treated diabetes take control of their condition, by gaming. The app acts as a fun logbook for daily activities and is centred on a ‘diabetes monster’. Points are gained for every logbook entry made and the aim is to tame the monster and keep it at bay!

The app has been approved by the FDA as a medical device and was developed together by health care professionals, psychologists and people living with type 1 diabetes. mySugr is innovative and extremely clever­ allowing users to play challenges to attain goals, monitor progress and even create a sleek report for emailing to their health care team.

Fredrik Debong, one of the founders of mySugr, lives with type 1 diabetes, as does almost half the company. Speaking to JDRF for Type 1 Discovery magazine earlier this year, he said: “To many of us it is a psychological burden that is not easy to carry. ‘Gamifying’ the care process of type 1, making it more fun, could reverse the traditional negative connotations.”

Karen Addington, Chief Executive of JDRF, said that: "Fredrik is an amazing entrepreneur and fundraiser. He is an inspiration to all of us at JDRF and we are delighted that mySugr is proving so successful."

Every month, the community challenge in mySugr results in funds being donated to research projects supported by JDRF. The more people who play, the more money is donated! In just a few days a new challenge is launching, in collaboration with the professional snowboarder Chris Southwell, who has type 1 diabetes and is one of our amazing supporters!

This hugely successful app is available to download for iPhones now and you can follow @mySugr on Twitter or Facebook. Within the next few weeks the app will finally also reach Android. By downloading the app to your phone, you will get to enjoy its personal benefits while helping JDRF to continue funding its vital research projects in finding a cure for type 1 diabetes.

If you would like to hear more, Fredrik is coming to talk about mySugr at the next Type 1 Discovery evening in London on 13 November.