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Audit of adult diabetes services raises concerns over diabetes care

23 May 2012

The National Audit Office (NAO) report on NHS adult diabetes services is the latest of a number of recent reports raising serious concerns about health care for people with all types of diabetes.

The NAO reported that:

  • In 2009-10, national clinical audit data showed that only half of the increasing number of people with diabetes received all the recommended care processes that could reduce their risk of developing complications
  • Fewer than one in five people with diabetes are achieving recommended treatment standards that reduce their risk of developing complications
  • There is significant variation in the quality of care received by people with diabetes across the NHS

Impact Diabetes, authored by the York Health Economic Consortium and developed in partnership between Diabetes UK, JDRF and Sanofi Diabetes, also showed recently that about four fifths of the NHS diabetes budget is being spent on treating the complications of diabetes.

Karen Addington, Chief Executive of JDRF said: ‘Instead of investing in keeping people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes healthy, the NHS is spending precious funds in treating complications that, with better and earlier intervention, may have been prevented in the first place.  It is time to stop moving deck chairs around the Titanic and to restructure funding to place more value on delivering developments in technology and treatment that are proven to improve management of the condition.’

JDRF is leading the international focus on developing the artificial pancreas, a new technology that clinical trials are showing can provide significantly better blood glucose control for people with type 1 diabetes, reducing the risk of short and long term complications of type 1.  Find out more about how you can support JDRF’s fundraising and campaigning work to improve lives and find the cure here.

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