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Behind the headlines: Diabetes complications at ‘record high’

26 March 2012

You may have seen articles on BBC News and in The Independent today reporting that the number of people experiencing the complications of type 1 and type 2 diabetes is on the rise.

An audit of 1.9 million people with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes found more than 13,000 had a stroke in 2009-10, a 57% rise from 2006-7. And more than 7,000 had kidney failure, up 31% from 2006-7.

JDRF is appalled to see such an increase in people experiencing complications such as strokes and kidney failure and we fully support Diabetes UK’s action to ensure all people with diabetes get the health checks that they need.

At JDRF, we’re focused on keeping people with type 1 healthy, whilst we search for the cure. We know that being able to control your blood glucose level as tightly as possible can help to reduce the risk of diabetes-related complications – in fact achieving a drop in HbA1c of just 10% can reduce your risk of developing complications by as much as 40%. But unfortunately some people with type 1 diabetes do still develop diabetes-related complications.

This is why a significant part of our research is focused on understanding how type 1 diabetes causes complications, and developing drugs, treatments and therapies to stop or reverse the impact of these complications.
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