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Going bald for type 1 diabetes

29 August 2012

Supporter Jack White has decided to do something a little different for his birthday this year to raise money for JDRF.

With only 12 days to go until he turns 20 on Friday 7 September, Jack posted a message on Facebook to see if people would be prepared to sponsor him to have his head shaved. He got a fantastic response, so committed to going bald for diabetes. To help drum up support, Jack created a short fundraising video which you can watch on YouTube.

Jack is part of a family of Southampton-based JDRF super supporters. Jack's nephew Kian, now five, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes last year. Jack told us he will be going bald ‘primarily to raise money and awareness for JDRF, but also to give my nephew Kian something to laugh at.’

Kian's family have been commited to raising awareness of the condition and funds for the cure since Kian's aunt Jodie was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of six 11 years ago. Kian's mum Sam told us:

'We attended Walk to Cure Diabetes last year as a family, completely unaware that our little boy Kian would be diagnosed with this chronic condition just a few weeks later. This year the family will be attending the Walk to support Jodie and Kian - our family is now more determined than ever to raise funds to find the cure.'

To help people understand why the cure is so important, Jack has also filmed a longer video to raise awareness of what Kian goes through every day with his type 1 diabetes, from finger pricks to cannula changes.

Jack said:

‘Like a lot of people, I genuinely thought that diabetes wasn’t a major condition before Kian was diagnosed. I’m very fortunate that I don’t have type 1 diabetes like Kian. Children with this condition have no choice but to go through the daily ordeals that diabetes brings. I’ll be putting vanity aside for the next few weeks and will explain to everyone that I went bald for type 1 diabetes.’

JDRF would like to thank Jack for being brave and going bald for JDRF - visit to support Jack in his fundraising.

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