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Last chance to vote for JDRF

12 August 2012

JDRF is delighted to have been selected as one of three charities that will benefit from a scheme by Piggy Bank wines. But time is running out, and we need you to vote for JDRF to secure as much money as possible for type 1 research.

For every bottle of Piggy Bank wine sold, the company will donate 50p into a piggy bank. As the pot fills, people have the chance to go online and vote for their favourite charity. Once the pot reaches £10,000, voting stops and the money will be divided proportionally between the charities, based on the number of votes they each receive.

JDRF has received over 1,800 votes so far, which is 37% of the pot. But we think that with your help we can do better, and secure even more money to support research into type 1 diabetes.

The good news is that anyone can vote, you can vote as many times as you like and it only takes a few seconds. You don't even need to have bought the wine. Vote now through the Piggy Bank Facebook page, or on the Piggy Bank website

Piggy Bank wines are predicting that the pot will reach the £10,000 target around 19-20 August 2012, so there isn't long left to vote. Why not send the link to your friends and family, and ask them to do their bit to rack up the votes for JDRF?

The more votes JDRF receive, the more money we can invest into finding the cure for type 1 diabetes.

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