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Type 1 fundraiser nominated for aware

12 February 2012

A life in the day with type 1

Matthew Thackeray, aged 10 from Hartlepool, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in January 2011. In August he was awarded a certificate of merit for writing a creative piece of distinction, which was selected for publication in a Young Writers Anthology.

The book, Once upon a rhyme 2011, has now been published and here is Matthew’s poem, which he would like to share with everyone. 

Life in a day – A diabetic day

I wake up in the morning feeling like normal
Then I go into my cupboard and get out my injection
I put the needle in my leg
I don’t feel it anymore! 

At school I feel shaky
This means I’m low
I put the needle to my finger
I don’t feel it anymore!

At teatime I check my blood count
I have my injection
I put the needle to my leg
I don’t feel it anymore!

At 8 o'clock its bedtime
I have my last injection
I fall asleep
I don’t feel it anymore!

Matthew Thackeray (age nine).

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