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Our famous support and information pack for children who are newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Type 1 Teddy is out of stock, but an order form is included in each pack to receive a free Rufus the Bear with patches (available end of March 2015).

Inside the drawstring kit bag there is a handy folder containing Type 1 Discovery magazine and a selection of JDRF leaflets, including Understanding type 1 - A pocket guide; Finding the Cure; Type 1 diabetes - A new diagnosis in the family. 

We want to ensure that only children newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes are able to receive KIDSAC, so orders are normally restricted to one per newly diagnosed child. You will be required to give the name of the child, date of diagnosis and name of clinic in the 'further information about you' section at the checkout or your order will not be processed. This information will remain strictly confidential. If you need more than one newly diagnosed pack please contact us directly. Packs can only be sent to addresses in the United Kingdom.