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Payroll giving

Donate through your payroll to support type 1 diabetes research

If you’re looking for a tax efficient way to donate to type 1 diabetes research, then giving to JDRF through your payroll is the answer. You’ll be donating directly from your salary before any tax is taken off. This way you’ll contribute more and fund more world-class research without it costing you an extra penny. This will allow JRDF to fund vital research into type 1 diabetes and help us ultimately find the cure.

Payroll giving explained

Pledging £10 a month will fund two hours of world-class research annually bringing us a step closer to a cure for type 1 diabetes. The ‘cost’ to you will actually only be £8 if you pay the basic rate of tax, and only £6 if you pay the higher rate. JDRF receives the full £10 and won’t pay tax, allowing us to fund more type 1 diabetes research for less.

I want to help fund type 1 diabetes research through my payroll – but how?

Donating to JDRF to fund pioneering type 1 diabetes research can easily be arranged with your employer – most companies offer a scheme or arrangement to make payroll giving quick and easy. You might have heard payroll giving referred to as Give as You Earn, which is the largest payroll giving scheme in the UK.

Donate to JDRF and help fund type 1 diabetes research

To set up payroll giving, just fill out the form on the Payroll Giving in Action website. This form will then get processed and your donation will start to be deducted from your next payroll.  

You can read more about how the system works here on the Payroll Giving in Action Employee information page.

For more information please contact Helena Nelson or Celia Armand Smith on 020 7713 2030 or at