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The artificial pancreas ventures out of the clinic!

11 November 2011

JDRF-funded researchers working as part of the Artificial Pancreas Consortium at Montpellier University Hospital in France and at the Universities of Padova and Pavia in Italy ran experiments with two patients in parallel.

Both patients attained near-normal glucose levels after spending a night outside hospital while their diabetes was automatically managed by a prototype artificial pancreas system. The patients were each asked to test the system by eating a meal in a restaurant and then spending a night in a hotel, all while using the device.

Eight more patients enrolled in the trial will begin outpatient testing in the coming weeks in Montpellier, France and in Padova, Italy.

Rachel Connor, Head of Research Communication at JDRF commented ‘This is brilliant news for people with type 1. Testing this system outside the hospital for the first time is an important milestone in the journey toward making the system available to people with type 1 around the world.’

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