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Artificial Pancreas

JDRF is investing in a major initiative to speed the development of an Artificial Pancreas - a system that could revolutionise the treatment of type 1 diabetes.

What is an artificial pancreas?

An artificial pancreas is a system that requires an insulin pump, a continuous glucose monitor and an algorithm. Learn more about the artificial pancreas and how it works.

Why is developing an artificial pancreas important?

JDRF exist to cure, treat and prevent type 1 diabetes and its complications. An artificial pancreas system could help many people with type 1 diabetes keep better control of their blood glucose levels thereby reducing their risk of long-term complications and protecting them against hypoglycaemia. Read more about why this is important.  

Where is the research taking place?

The artificial pancreas is a global project. We have research teams based all over the world collaborating with other teams to draw in different expertise. Find out more about where the research is happening.

Making the artificial pancreas project a reality

The artificial pancreas system is focussed on using existing technology. Therefore we also need to work with technology companies that have the experience in producing devices on a large scale. Learn more about the different companies we partner with. 

Research in Cambridge

The University of Cambridge team, led by Dr Roman Hovorka, is one of the eight core research groups that is part of the JDRF Artificial Pancreas Consortium. Read the latest on what his team is working on. 

Help us complete the project

We would not be able to continue funding research projects like this without your generous support. Find out how you can help the artificial pancreas become a reality.